Call Girl 69 or kl girl?

Call Girl 69 is another one of our competitors that on the surface, looks like a great place to find your pleasure. But as usual, they really do not compare to KL Girl. Let’s look at them and see why that is the case.


Callgirl 69
Again, just like other websites we compared Kl Girl to, Call Girl 69 is another service provider that has no displayed location in their website. All they say is that the escorts they provide can cover all places around KL.

Therefore from this, we are forced to assume that they don’t provide any incall service, and that all of their girls are working for them in an outcall service, which again, is a hassle for you.

Hence, if you want great premium service and a discreet location, go for KL Girl.


Callgirl 69
A quick check at Call Girl 69 reveals that the standard rates for the services their girls provide is RM350-RM400.

Why the RM50 variation, we don’t know, but the point is that their price is quite a bit higher than what KL Girl offers. We offer starting rates at only RM170, which is much cheaper and easier on the wallet for our patrons.

And again, this is assuming Call Girl 69 provides incall service. If they don’t, then the price may well be higher.