KL Girl Malay

KL GIRL malay or kl girl?

Now compared to Secret Touch Escorts, KL Girl Malay is a tad better. But that doesn’t mean they are better than us. We are still better than KL Girl Malay, and here are the reasons why.


Kl Girl Malay
As you can see, KL Girl Malay does a lot of things right. They display real pictures of the girls, their website is not as cluttered, but there’s still some things that they cannot compare with us in.

And the biggest one is the location. Unlike KL Girl, KL Girl Malay does not have any incall locations, and all of their girls are working outcall. This means that you will have to provide the place for the girls to meet you as well. And it can’t be just any place too.

As with these kind of services, usually it will need to be a hotel or at least a resident that is discreet enough. With KL Girl, you won’t have to think about all that.

We provide incall services, which means that you will be able to come and enjoy our girls services at provided locations, which guarantees better convenience and is discreet as well.


KL Girl Malay
If you look at the KL Girl Malay website, you’ll see that they actually do display the price rates of the girls for the services they do.

This is a good improvement, but there is one slight problem. KL Girl Malay is much more expensive compared to us.

On their website, they advertise their prices at being RM350 per hour, which is a cool RM150 more than us. In our KL Girl Website, we have offers at as low as RM200 per hour, which comes with premium service and beautiful girls.

And to make things worse, the price on KL Girl Malay also depends on the location you select, which means that if depending on the location, it can cost you more.