KL Star Club

KL Star Club or kl girl?

KL Star Club is another competitor website of KL Girl that seems quite promising. They have a lot of locations on their website, and they also use real pictures of the escorts they have.

It is not a stretch to say that out of all the competitors websites we’ve gone through, KL Star Club is the best yet. But still, KL Girl is better. Why? Let’s go through the reasons.


KL Star Club
On the surface level, KL Star Club looks as if the price they offer on their services and escorts are reasonable.

Most of the escorts rates are around RM210-RM230, which is reasonable. But still, amazingly, KL Girl offers prices even lower than this. Why pay more for the same service?


Kl Star ClubAlas, if there is one thing that truly holds KL Star Club back, is their website. Just a second on the KL Star Club website and you’ll be bombarded by all sorts of annoying ads.

From popups, banner ads, and click ads, the website has everything, and it doesn’t make for a very good experience browsing through.