Luxury agency kuala lumpur or kl girl?

At first glance, Luxury Agency Kuala Lumpur looks like a great website. But still, it pales in comparison with KL Girl. Why? Let’s go into the reasons.


Luxury Agency Kuala Lumpur
Just like KL Girl Malay, Luxury Agency Kuala Lumpur don’t really indicate if they offer incall service or not. But because they don’t, we have to assume that they offer only outcall service. And this means that you will be responsible to find a place for the girls to come to you, either a resident or a hotel. Although this might seem a little more convenient for some, it can be a massive nuisance for most people. That’s why here at KL Girl, all our girls offer incall service, so that you can come in for the most premium service with no hassle.


Luxury Agency Kuala Lumpur
Price is another reason why Luxury Agency Kuala Lumpur really can’t compare to KL Girl. If you scroll through the girls offered by Luxury Agency Kuala Lumpur and pick one, you’d see that the standard rate of the services they offer is RM600/hour.

This means that compared to Luxury Agency Kuala Lumpur, KL Girl offers the same services at literally a fraction of the price. And again, this is assuming that Luxury Agency Kuala Lumpur offers incall service.

If they don’t, then they’ll probably charge you more for the girls to come to you, depending on your location. So why pay more? Choose KL Girl.