my escort lover or kl girl

One of the most professional looking websites in our competitors list, there is much to like about My Escort Lover’s website. But is it better than KL Girl? That’s a resounding no. Why? Let us tell you the reason.


My Escort Lover
If you’ve been reading our comparisons of KL Girl and other competitors website, you’ll see that location is of massive importance for us.

And this brings us to the first disadvantage of My Escort Lover. According to My Escort Lover’s website, they do provide incall service, which is a huge plus.

But the problem is, they don’t display where their locations are. The only indicator on where you can get service from My Escort Lover is them saying that they are available around Petaling Jaya, Subang, KL Sentral area.

Just like many other websites on this list, it requires you to call them and ask where the location really is.


My Escort Lover

We mentioned earlier, that the website of My Escort Lover is very professional looking. But that doesn’t mean that their website is without problems. And the main problem of the website is that My Escort Lover website seems a bit threadbare. There is not much to see and browse through, and there isn’t any detailed description of the services their escorts provide. This is a clear disadvantage compared to KL Girl, where we can see exactly what kind of services you can expect from our escort.