my escort malaysia or kl girl?

Now, we’re looking at our next competitor, My Escort Malaysia. Let’s see just how good is this website is, and why KL Girl is better than them.


My Escort MalaysiaThe first and simplest reason why KL Girl is better than My Escort Malaysia is simple; KL Girl is way cheaper compared to them. According to the My Escort Malaysia website, their rates range from RM 360-RM600, depending on which escort you chose.

That’s substantially more than KL Girl’s rates, which starts at RM200. So again, why should you pay more? With KL Girl, you are enjoying premium service at an affordable price.

Hence, you should always go with KL Girl rather than My Escort Malaysia.


My Escort Malaysia

Although at first look there is nothing clearly terrible about the My Escort Malaysia website, it does have one serious flaw. It’s disorganized, and looks a little bit dodgy.

The website makes it really hard for you to go through the list of escorts they have, and the location is not that clearly displayed. It might take some digging for you to know the locations and where you can get their services.