secret touch escorts or kl girl?

Secret Touch Escorts claims to be the premier destination for escorts and premium services. How true is this? Are they really better than KL Girl? Let’s have a look.


Secret Touch Escorts

A brief look at Secret Touch Escorts will undoubtedly impress you, as on their site they boast that girls from all over the world are working for them. But a deeper look reveals that this page is not all it seems to be.

Unlike KL Girl, Secret Touch Escorts does not seem to be using real pictures of the girls they have on offer.
A quick Google image search will reveal that most, if not all of the pictures they are using are images of random girls taken from the Internet.

That’s not the case in KL Girl. We here at Kl Girl uses nothing but real pictures of the girls we have on offer.


Secret Touch EscortsAnother advantage using KL Girl is that our website is more streamlined and easy to navigate for you to find the perfect girl for you. Unlike Secret Touch escorts, we display all the pictures of the girls that are working for us in specific locations, and what kind of services do they offer. This makes it easier for you to find the perfect girl for you and what you need.


Secret Touch Escorts

If you’re looking at Secret Touch Escorts, you will realize that they don’t display the rates of the services on their website. Instead, they require you to go contact them through Whatsapp or Call, to find out the rates on any girl you desire. Here at KL Girl, we do things in a much simpler way. We displayed all our prices there which makes it super easy for you to figure out which girl do you want, and if she fits your budget.